And this iss what John says that Allan will say when he wass on the side of the canal: 'Kott, says he, 'if I wass trooned here, I would show my face in Styornoway no more! But perhaps it iss not true, for he will tell many lies, does John the Piper, to hef a laugh at a man."

And supposing that you was to hef tumbled into the water, you would have been trooned as sure as you wass alive." "And a good job, too, Donald," said the younger man, idly looking at the lapping green water. Donald shook his head gravely: "You would not say that if you had friends of yours that was trooned, and if you had seen them when they went down in the water."

"HONORED MRS. LAVENDER, It waz Mairi waz sayin that you will want me to write to you, bit I am not good at the writen whatever, and it was 2 years since I was writen to Amerika, to John Ferkason that kept the tea-shop in Stornoway, and was trooned in coming home the verra last year before this.

And I hef been told it iss like a river with ta sides o' a house to it; and what would Allan care for a thing like that, when he hass been to America more than twice or four times? And it wass when he fell into the canal, he was ferry nearly trooned for all that; and when they pulled him to ta shore he wass a ferry angry man.