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He remembered that Swale had told him there was "a feeling against him," and advised him to leave. But Swale had offered to buy his house and forge for half their value, and he imagined there was a selfish motive in the advice. "And it's Swale's doing, I know," he muttered; "he's been a-fighting for it iver since.

It was at best a rude kind of liking, for she never failed to tell any unkind thing she heard about him. She had, however, nothing fresh to say, and Bill felt relieved. He ate his breakfast and went to his forge until ten o'clock. Then he called at Swale's. He fancied the lawyer was "a bit offish," but he promised him the money that night, and with this promise Bill had to be content.

Levy with her four sons you see a woman in her noblest attribute. You see her as the mother of men." "What is Mr. Levy's business? Who knows?" "Everyone in Hatton knows that he is an importer of Spanish wines and fine tobaccos." "Oh! The ladies generally thought he was a money lender." "He may be it is not unlikely." "Mrs. Swale said so." "I dare say Mrs. Swale's husband knows."

The squire looked at him, first with amazement, then with anger, and asked, "When did ta lose thy good sense, and thy good-will, son Antony?" "I had a talk with Swale to-day, and in his judgment " "Thou knows what I think o' Swale. Was there ever a bigger old cheat than he is? I'll put my heart afore Swale's judgment, Ben Craven's all right."