But resumin' 'bout you pussonally, Sam, you stopped so many shells an' solid shot with that thick head of yourn that the concussion at last put you to sleep, an' we've found you so we kin take you in out of the wet an' let you sleep in a dry place. Kin you walk?" Sam made an effort, but staggered badly.

She had missed a couple o' milkin's, an' didn't seem to care much about resumin' payment; so I finally had to rope an' tie her, an' milk up hill into a fruit-jar. Talk about bein' handy? I didn't know but what next day I'd be doin' some plain sewin', or tuckin' the crust around a vinegar pie.

It was 11, P.M., when I reached my homestid and knockt a healthy knock on the door thereof. A nightcap thrusted itself out of the front chamber winder. "It is a Man!" I answered, in a gruff vois. "I don't b'lieve it!" she sed. "Then come down and search me," I replied. Then resumin' my nat'ral voice, I said, "It is your own A. W., Betsy! Sweet lady, wake! Ever of thou!"

So much, indeed, was signified by an officer on the deck below, who cried in a high voice: "I hope, Sir, you are making something out of it. It is rather monotonous." This insult, so flagrant, albeit well- merited, was received with a smile of drunken bonhommy' that's cheerfulness, Mr. Pyecroft. Your glass is empty." "Resumin' afresh," said Mr.