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"Pra-aise Gawd!" murmured Parson Tombs, "no sinneh eveh done that in va-ain!" "O John," moaned Garnet, "God only knows what I've suffered and must suffer! But it's all right! all right! I pray He may lop off every unfruitful branch of my life honors, possessions till nothing is left but Rosemont, the lowly work He called me to, Himself! Let Him make me as one of his hired servants!

"Do it see de stah, Miss Maud, like de wise men o' de Eas' see de stah o' Jesus?" I tried to make plain the law it was obeying. "And do it p'int dah dess de same in de broad day, an' all day long? Pra-aise Gawd! And do it p'int dah in de rain, an' in de stawmy win' a-fulfillin' of his word, when de ain't a single stah admissible in de ske-eye?

De good Lawd be praise! Now is de waugh over an' finish' an' eended an' gone!" Chorus, "Pra-aise Gawd!" The master replied. He was majestically kind. He commended their exceptional good sense and prophesied a reign of humble trust and magnanimous protection. "But I see you're all " he smiled a gracious irony "anxious to get back to work."

She listened in gloating silence, rarely interrupting; but at the words, "Thus saith the Lord God of Israel, 'Let my people go," the response, "Pra-aise Gawd!" rose from her lips in such volume that she threw her hands to her mouth.

De Lawd's na-ame be pra-aise'!" Her father, mother, and brother were all looking at it with her, now, and she glanced from one to another with long heavings of rapture. "Miss Maud," said Silas, in a subdued voice, "dat little trick mus' 'a' cos' you a mint o' money." "Silas," put in Hester, "you know dass not a pullite question!"

"Pra-aise Gawd!" murmured Sidney. "Miss Maud, please hol' on tell Mingo run' fetch daddy an' mammy; dey don't want dat sto'y f'om me secon' haynded!" Mingo darted off and we waited. "Miss Maud, what de white folks mean by de nawth stah? Is dey sich a stah as de nawth stah?"