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My readers will probably not be displeased to have a specimen of this ode: Hei mihi! quantos patior dolores, Dum procul specto juga ter beata; Dum ferae Barrae steriles arenas Solus oberro. Ingemo, indignor, crucior, quod inter Barbaros Thulen lateam colentes; Torpeo languens, morior sepultus, Carcere coeco.

For those which for so many years have lain so heavy upon us, it is not wholly accountable; but one may say, with colour enough, that it has accidentally produced and begotten the mischiefs and ruin that have since happened, both without and against it; it, principally, we are to accuse for these disorders: "Heu! patior telis vulnera facta meis." The wounds were made by my own weapons." Ovid, Ep.

but sometimes a noble sentiment is simply and emphatically expressed "Non genus virum ornat, generi vir fortis loco." He was a careful chooser of words, e.g. "Tu pertinaciam esse, Antiloche, hanc praedicas, Ego pervicaciam aio et ea me uti volo: Haec fortis sequitur, illam indocti possident.... Nam pervicacem dici me esse et vincere Perfacile patior, pertinaciam nil moror."

Literature had only his horae subsecivae, as he said: Subseciva quaedam tempora quae ego perire non patior, as Cicero writes, "shreds and waste ends of time, which I suffer not to be lost." The kind of life which Dr.