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Whereas, had it contained The Pardoner and the Frere, Sir Clyomon and Clamydes, A Knacke to knowe a Knave, Banke's Bay Horse in a Trance, or the works of those eminent dramatists, Nabbes, May, Glapthorne, or Chettle, then would the collection have been worthy of distinguished notice.

Street bullies, such as are introduced in Nabbes' Bride, Middleton and W. Rowley's Fair Quarrel, &c. The exploits of a "Roaring Girl" are admirably set forth by Dekker and Middleton. "Against Cursing and Swearing," Works, 1630. Three to One, &c. Sc. companions: Mids. Night's Dream, III., i.; Shirley's Wedding, k. v., &c. "The Infinity of Love Holds no proportion with Arithmetick."

"Ye-s? So 'ud Bishop Polk say. Got a different Lord down thar? 'S likely. Henry Wise used to talk of the 'God of Virginia." "Was a fellow," said Nabbes, nursing one foot, "that set me easy about my soul, and the thing. A chaplain in Congress: after we took down that bitter Mason and Slidell pill, it was.

While he stood looking at the crowd, Nabbes, a reporter for one of the New-York papers, who was lounging in the pulpit, began to laugh at him. "I say, Captain, you Virginia Loyalists don't go into this war with vim. It's a bitter job to you." Palmer's face reddened. "What you say is true, thank God," quietly. Nabbes stuck his hands into his pockets, whistling.