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But few months have elapsed since Judas stood, as the reader first saw him, by the grave of the martyrs, but these eventful months have wrought a marked change upon the Asmonean leader. Fatigue, hardship, the burden of care, the weight of responsibility, added to the sorrow of bereavement, have left their stamps on his expressive features.

It must have been about this time that he formed an intimacy with Petrarch, which, notwithstanding marked diversity of temperament, character and pursuits, was destined to be broken only by death.

He had a delight in cutting at the boys, which was like the satisfaction of a craving appetite. I am confident that he couldn't resist a chubby boy, especially; that there was a fascination in such a subject, which made him restless in his mind, until he had scored and marked him for the day. I was chubby myself, and ought to know.

He seems to have been afraid that he might, on his reappearance in Parliament, receive some marked affront. He therefore, very prudently, stole down to Westminster, in the dead time of the year, on a day to which the Houses stood adjourned by the royal command, and on which they met merely for the purpose of adjourning again.

I have succeeded in reading some of the lines; and perhaps after a keener scrutiny the whole passage might become legible. Nearly forty lines of dialogue that follow are cancelled in the MS., in order to shorten the scene. Not marked in MS. This passage is marked in pencil, as for omission, in the MS. The words "Upon my soule" are crossed through in the MS.

The beginning of this colder zone is sharply marked all around the horizon; the line runs as level as the shore line of a lake or sea; indeed, a warmer aerial sea fills all the valleys, submerging the lower peaks, and making white islands of all the higher ones. The branches bend with the rime. The winds have not shaken it down. It adheres to them like a growth.

It is rare, indeed, that any speaker in the House secures the marked attention or catches the eye of the Chancellor of the Exchequer. To Collier succeeded Coningham, member for Brighton.

We find that the time during which more marked stupor symptoms appeared may be divided into two subperiods. This is not possible in regard to the manifestations belonging to the general reaction, which seem to have undergone no decided change, but only in regard to the form of the delusions.

For example, he was in the habit of sending marked copies of any article he wrote on political questions to the statesmen or other public men to whom he had chanced to refer.

There he is at the top of the crater; he did not come down with us, and no doubt considered that the place was likely to be haunted by spirits.” They ascended the path to the top of the crater. The ground here was bare for a short distance, and Stephen saw that two lines of stones marked the course of the path to the trees.