I regret that I did not preserve specimens, but I have reason to think that they are the larvæ of the Flata limbata, or of some other closely allied species , though I have not seen in Ceylon any of the wax produced by the flata. HEMIPTERA. Bugs.

Among these shells are Pecten quadricostatus, and several others which are common to the upper and lower part of the series, and Trigonia limbata, d'Orbigny, a shell of the white chalk.

Glomeris limbata, difference of colour in the sexes of. Glow-worm, female, apterous; luminosity of the. Gnats, dances of; auditory powers of. Gnu, skeletons of, found locked together; sexual differences in colour of the. Goat, male, wild, falling on his horns; male, odour emitted by; male, wild, crest of the; Berbura, mane, dewlap, etc., of the male; Kemas, sexual difference in the colour of the.

In Glomeris limbata, however, and perhaps in some few other species, the males differ slightly in colour from the females; but this Glomeris is a highly variable species. In the males of the Diplopoda, the legs belonging either to one of the anterior or of the posterior segments of the body are modified into prehensile hooks which serve to secure the female.

His servants might gather a basket of these flowers daily in the season. So the memory of the first President for Pahang will be kept green. A plant rarely seen is V. limbata from the island of Timor dusky yellow, the tip purple, outlined with white, formed like a shovel. I may cite a personal reminiscence here, in the hope that some reader may be able to supply what is wanting.