Merton's evening clothes were neatly laid out, the shutters were closed, curtains there were none; in fact, he had been in much worse quarters. As he dressed he mused. 'Cursed spite, thought he, 'that ever I was born to be an amateur detective! And cursed be my confounded thirst for general information! Why did I ever know what Kurdaitcha and Interlinia mean?

His shoes woven of twigs, so as not to show the direction in which he is proceeding, answer to the equally shapeless feather sandals of the blacks who "go Kurdaitcha," that is, as avengers of blood. The humour of the Hymn is rather rustic: cattle theft is the chief joke, cattle theft by a baby. The God, divine as he is, feels his mouth water for roast beef, a primitive conception.

"KURDAITCHA SHOES. When a native for some reason desired to kill a member of another camp or tribe, he consulted the medicine man of his camp, and arrangements were made for a 'Kurdaitcha Luma. . . . Both medicine man and Kurdaitcha wore remarkable shoes.

'Among them were, perhaps, some curious native shoes, made of emu's feathers they are called Interlinia or, by white men, Kurdaitcha shoes? 'I don't remember the name, said Miss Markham, 'but he had quite a number of them. The natives wear them to conceal their tracks when they go on a revenge party. Merton's guess was now a certainty.