I felt sumwhat alarmed, & arose & in a stentoewrian voice obsarved that if any lady or gentleman in that there kar had a krisis consealed abowt their persons they'd better projuce it to onct or suffer the konsequences. Several individoouls snickered rite out, while a putty little damsell rite behind me in a pinc gown made the observashun, "He, he."

The Greek-word, prophylakê signifies the arrangements of outposts. Agonia is the hottest moment of conflict, and krisis the decisive day of battle, as we see in Polybius, liii., c. 89. Medicine was from the earliest times confounded with magic, which is only the primitive form of the conception of nature.

"No," sez I, getting up and lookin under the seet, "whare is she?" "It's hear it's everywhares," he sed. Sez I, "Why how you tawk!" and I gut up agin & lookt all round. "I must say, my fren," I continnered, as I resoomed my seet, "that I kan't see nothin of no krisis myself."

"Middlin," sez I, not wishin to kommit myself, tho he peered to be as fine a man as there was in the wurld "It is a middlin fine day, Square," I obsarved. Sez he, "How fares the Ship of State in yure regine of country?" Sez I, "We don't hav no ships in our State the kanawl is our best holt." He pawsed a minit and then sed, "Air yu aware, Sir, that the krisis is with us?"