The reader will remember the mystery of the missing diamond the largest known in all history, which the Nizam of Jigamaree brought from India to present to the Queen of England, on the occasion of her diamond jubilee.

You never saw such a change come over a man in all your life. Where he had been all gloom before, he was now all smiles and jollity, and from that time on to his return to India Mr. Wilkins was as happy as a school-boy at the beginning of vacation. The next day the diamond was lost, and whoever may have it at this moment, the British Crown is not in possession of the Jigamaree gem.

Wilkins," said I one evening over the pate. "Yes," he replied, wearily. "Very but somehow or other I'm depressed to-night." "Too bad," I said, lightly, "but there are others. There's that poor Nizam of Jigamaree, for instance poor devil, he must be the bluest brown man that ever lived." Wilkins started nervously as I mentioned the prince by name.

Ferreter Extraordinary by Special Appointment to his Majesty Apollyon It was not many days after my solution of the Missing Diamond of the Nizam of Jigamaree Mystery that I was called upon to take up a case which has baffled at least one person for some ten or eleven centuries.

"Still, he can't help himself, I suppose," I said, gazing abruptly at his scarf-pin. "That is, he doesn't KNOW that he can. The Queen expects it. It's been announced, and now the poor devil can't get out of it though I'll tell you, Mr. Wilkins, if I were the Nizam of Jigamaree, I'd get out of it in ten seconds." I winked at him significantly. He looked at me blankly.

His pleasant keen eyes blinked upon her in the strong light from her globe as if he were before a good fire. 'Why, you are as fair as a saint with a halo, in front of that jigamaree, he said.

Any man with a beautiful wife or daughter would probably feel disagreeably, if he should find branded indelibly across her smooth white forehead, or on her snowy shoulder in blue and red letters such a phrase as this: "Try the Jigamaree Bitters!" Very much like this is the sort of advertising I am speaking of. It is not likely that I shall be charged with squeamishness on this question.