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When at length we would put off again in a homeward direction, I sang many little chansons to my fair companions. The one that pleased them most, having regard to our position, commenced "Filez, filez, mon beau navire, Car la bonheur m'attend la bas."

Dolokhov asked the Cossack. "The second hundred," replied the Cossack. "Filez, filez!" * Dolokhov kept saying, having adopted this expression from the French, and when his eyes met those of the prisoners they flashed with a cruel light. * "Get along, get along!"

"Come along, come along," said Power, catching me by the arm, "you've not been presented to the duchess. I know her. I'll do it for you; or perhaps it is better Sir Thomas Picton should. In any case, filez after me, for the dark-eyed senhora is surely expecting us. There, do you see that dark, intelligent-looking fellow leaning over the end of the sofa? That is Alava.

"She's very sweet, isn't she?" said the countess of Madame Karenina. "Her husband put her with me, and I was delighted to have her. We've been talking all the way. And so you, I hear...vous filez le parfait amour. Tant mieux, mon cher, tant mieux." "I don't know what you are referring to, maman," he answered coldly. "Come, maman, let us go."

Fullarton as if she expected him to clear it away. The latter was not good at French, but he did manage to express their sorrow if they had done any harm unconsciously, and their wish to retire instantly. "Not before paying," was the reply. "Quinze francs de dedommagemens; et puis, filez aux tous les diables!"