The symptoms of gonorrhoea that often are noted first are a profuse discharge from the vagina, usually creamy or yellowish in color. This discharge is of such a nature that frequently it excoriates the external parts so that they become very tender and inflamed. Backache, especially across the hips, is a common accompaniment of this disease. There may be general soreness in the pelvic region.

But such sweetness in its very essence is momentary, and even, whilst being masticated, 'bread of deceit' turns into gravel; and a mouthful of it breaks the teeth, excoriates the gums, interferes with breathing, and ministers no nourishment. The metaphor has but too familiar illustrations in the experience of us all.

The recipient is particuarly cautioned to beware of a class of miscreants who infest the city of New York and advertise throughout the country the goods that he manufactures, but send nothing except rubbish. The "original Doctor Jacobs" excoriates unmercifully the whole tribe of swindlers whose rascalities debauch and bring odium upon the trade.

Children begin to chew betel very young, and yet their teeth are always beautifully white till pains are taken to disfigure them by filing and staining them black. To persons who are not habituated to the composition it causes a strong giddiness, astringes and excoriates the tongue and fauces, and deadens for a time the faculty of taste.

The true older generation, of which one seldom hears in current criticism except in terms of abuse, remains to be discovered, and we herewith announce its personnel, so that the next time the youthful writer excoriates it in the abstract all may know just whom he means. Among the older generation in American literature are H. L. Mencken and Mrs.

The paper he had first glanced at was rabidly Democratic and sported a huge headline completely across the front page which read: "Gubernatorial Candidate Mobbed in Yimville." Then followed a series of banks and subheads: "Loses temper and offers insults to women voters! Excoriates his own profession whilst in violent temper and ridicules bench of which he is member!