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This island affords interesting notices on manners, ancient superstitions, particularly the worship of Ertha, besides statistical and geographical remarks. Rhein-Reise. Von A.J. Von Wakerbert. Halberstadt, 1794. 8vo. Ansichten des Rheins. Von Jno. Vogt. Bremen, 1805. 8vo.

There are nine grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren living and in March of 1936, when a party was given in honor of Father Coates' 108th birthday, one of each of the four generations of his family were present. The party was given at the Clara White Mission, 615 West Ashley Street by Ertha M.M. White.

"Yes, as sec sec sec " "As secretary?" cried Madeleine. "That will be an admirable position. But America ah! it is a long, long distance from Brittany! This is good news for you; but there are two persons to whom it will cause not a little pain." "To who o om?" inquired Gaston, with suppressed agitation. "To my cousin Bertha, and to me." "Mademoiselle Ber er ertha! Will she heed my absence?

"Have you heard from Mademoiselle Ber er ertha?" asked M. de Bois, with some hesitation. "Yes, several times. My cousin Bertha was broken-hearted at the news I sent her from London; but I trust that soon" He did not conclude his sentence: his wan face lighted up; his restless, straining eyes were fastened upon some form that passed in a carriage.