We now have the records of EEG's on the other two team members, and Steve has managed to turn up a pre-project EEG on one which gives us a basis of comparison. Now, to comprehend our tentative hypothesis, you must understand something of what is known about the brain." Rick prepared to listen without much understanding.

However, each person shows a pattern that remains fairly constant, even over a period of years. "With this background, you will understand when I report that the EEG's taken of our colleagues brains are completely abnormal. The EEG's were taken while they were awake.

I would also like to check their medical history, as completely as possible, to find out if EEG's were ever taken while they were normal." "I'll give the orders right away," Steve agreed. "I don't know what we can turn up on their early medical history, but we can try." Parnell Winston departed.

I have an extraordinary notion whirling around in my head that I'd like to discuss with Chavez. I'll pick up the car at the pier and drive over, if you don't mind. And by the way, Steve, can JANIG get some information for me?" "We can try." "Good. I want to know if the two team scientists who were stricken first had EEG's made after the attack.

"We had better make sure no one takes EEG's of the rest of us, in any case," Weiss suggested dryly. Rick added, "And don't get any haircuts until this is all straightened out!" When the meeting broke up, Rick and Scotty walked to the front porch where the girls were listening to the music of a Newark disk jockey on Barby's portable radio. "Lot of puzzled people in this neighborhood," Rick said.

Rick had realized that only agents of a hostile country could be involved in the actions against the project team. Everyone present had known as much, without a word being spoken. Only another country could gain from disruption of the project. "Chavez and I have run a series of EEG's on Marks.