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Fhat d'ye tink she did dhis mornin'? I was a-fixin' me pork, jist as ivery other bye in camp allers does it, an' jist then who should come along but hersilf.

An' I will come wid you myself, sar, to carry gun. I am a brabe man, sar; no pusson in dhis worl' more brabe as me; you shall see, sar." "Very well," answered Dick, suppressing a smile at the Hottentot's vainglorious boast; "you, being so exceedingly brave and reliable shall go with Mr Grosvenor; but you must pick me out a good man to come with me.

"I don't rightly know I can't say," replied Hogan, with a smile murderously grim but knowing "I'm not up; but the sportheen's a made boy, I think." "Dher cheerna! you are up," said Teddy, giving him a furious glance as he spoke; "there must be no saycrits, I say." "You're a blasted liar, I tell you I am not, but I suspect that's all." "What brought you up dhis night?" asked Teddy, suspiciously.

We have still a great deal to do, and very little time to do it in; therefore let us see about getting the longboat into the water, and the raft over the side. There will be time enough to rest when we are safe away from the wreck." "All ri', schipper, don' you worry," bawled a great hulking Dutchman in reply. "Dere's blendy of dime yet; and ve're nod going do move undil ve've vinished dhis grog."