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Now what office do they assign to the devil, "the prince of the power of the air," at whose mighty attributes, combined with his insatiable malignity, the wisest of us might well stand aghast? It is the first law of sound sense and just judgment, servetur ad imum, Qualis ab incoepto processerit, et sibi constet;

Duobus insuper inserviendum tyrannis; quorum legatus in sanguinem, procurator in bona sæviret Tacit. Annal. Ne vim principatus resolveret cuncta ad senatum vocando, eam conditionem esse imperandi, ut non aliter ratio constet, quam si uni reddatur. Tacit. Annal. Tacit. Annal. The four roads they called Watling Street, Ikenild Street, Ermin Street, and the Fosseway. Cod. lib. XII. Tit. lxii.

No. 162 Wednesday, September 5, 1711 Addison ... Servetur ad imum, Qualis ab incoepto processerit, et sibi constet. Hor. Nothing that is not a real Crime makes a Man appear so contemptible and little in the Eyes of the World as Inconstancy, especially when it regards Religion or Party.

We hold, therefore, with the worthiest of our divines, nullam doctrinam, nullum sacram signum debere inter pios admitti, nisi a Deo profecta esse constet. Sect. 8. To these reasons which I have put in order against men’s significant ceremonies, I will add a pretty history before I go further. When the Superior of the Abbey of St.