James K. Paulding, author, and Morgan Lewis, Revolutionary general and chief justice of the state, once lived in Hyde Park, as did Dr. Samuel Bard, Washington's physician, whose dwelling is placed in Christopher Colles's road book, previously mentioned, as situated on the east side of the Post Road, between the eighty-eighth and eighty-ninth mile-stones.

There's nothing up there but natives and a few back-veld Dutchmen with native blood in them. You fellows from home are less set on an easy life, or you wouldn't be here. There was something in Mr Colles's tone which made me risk another question. 'What's the matter with the place? There must be more wrong with it than loneliness to make everybody clear out.

I heard the detestable details from him. He was one of the detachment that got penned in; he saw the entire performance." "I didn't know Burgess was there," said Berkley. "Is he all right?" "Wears his left wrist in a sling; Colles's fracture; horse fell. He's a villainous-looking party; I wouldn't trust that fellow with a pewter button. But he seems devoted to you."

I mean you know what sort of thing she likes from you. I've also written and asked the Colles's to come to dinner on the eighteenth to meet her. They're sure to accept if they know they're going to meet her, and I think they ought to be useful. Write your letter now, will you?" The Rev. Samuel nodded assent. "I will," he added. Then he turned to his daughter. "Good-bye, Sally."