"The night grows wilder, and honest folks should be abed. Nantauquas, good-night. When will you have tamed your panther?" "It is now the moon of cohonks," answered the Indian. "When the moon of blossoms is here, the panther shall roll at the beautiful lady's feet." "The moon of blossoms!" I said. "The moon of blossoms is a long way off. I have panthers myself to tame before it comes.

Here, with slender bows pushing down stream, the Indian canoes went on their way to trade with the settlers at James Towne; their cargoes varying with the seasons fish from their weirs in the moon of blossoms, and, in the moon of cohonks, limp furred and feathered things and reed-woven baskets of golden maize.

They make their accounts by units, tens, hundreds, &c., as the English do; but they reckon their years by cohonks, or winters, and divide every year into five seasons; the budding time, the earing of the corn, the summer, the harvest, and the winter. Their months they count by moons.

They buried the hatchet very deep; the dead leaves of many moons of Cohonks lie thick upon the place where they buried it. Why have you made a warpath, treading it alone of your color?" "Diable!" cried Hugon. "Pig of an Englishman! I will kill you for" "For an handful of blue beads," said Haward, with a cold smile. "And I, dog of an Indian!

There are a hundred braves he leads the war parties. The Monacans run like deer, the hearts of the Tuscaroras become soft, they hide behind their squaws! Black Wolf is a great chief. Seven moons of cohonks have passed since the Ricahecrians sharpened their hatchets and came down from the mountains to where the waters of Powhatan fall over many rocks. There they met the palefaces.