"Yes," I answered, looking sharply at him; "and another proverb says that the fox ends his days in the furrier's shop. Where did you buy the watch?" "Allah bilir! I have forgotten." "Allah knows, undoubtedly. But you know too," I said, laughing, and pretending to be amused.

I am beginning to have a contempt for Hamdi Effendi. "They are what you call improper, eh?" she laughed, referring to the tales. "I will sing you a Turkish song which you will not understand." "Is it a suitable song?" "Kim bilir who knows?" said Carlotta. She began a melancholy, crooning, guttural ditty; but broke off suddenly. "Oh! but it is stupid. Like the Turkish dancing.

"Allah bilir. He is always bringing me things to sell." "Other things?" "He showed me a gold chain one day in the winter. But it was not curious, so he took it to a jeweler in the jeweler's tcharshee, who gave him the value of the gold by weight." "Who is he?" asked Gregorios, judging that he ought to show some curiosity about the man. "I cannot tell," answered the Jew.

Paul was willing to be obliging, and went up to the man. "Do you know who that Khanum is?" he asked, in Turkish. "Bilmem, I don't know," replied the man, without moving a muscle of his face. "Do you know who her father is?" "Allah bilir, God knows. Probably Abraham, who is the father of all the faithful." Paul laughed. "I told you he knew nothing about her," he said, turning to his brother.