"And if it keeps fine all the time I'll give you let me see, I'll give you a shilling when we go away." Johnnie's avidious little claw reached out eagerly. "Godzamin!" said he. "Gimme it now, an' I'll do my best." "Earn it, my child," said Miss Penny, and they went on up the road, leaving Johnnie scowling in the hedge. "Well, where would you like to go to-day?" asked Graeme.

There were just as many insects to annoy him, and the punkah flapped his papers too; but fat though he was, and sweat though he did, his smile was the smile of a hunter. From time to time he paused from copying, stole silently to the door between the offices, gingerly removed a loose knot from a panel, and clapped to the hole first one, and then the other avidious brown eye.

This charity is bestowed on thee to relieve immediate wants and not for the purpose of accumulation. O avidious! from the forty gates thou hast received from one piece of gold up to forty; add up the amount, and see by the rule of arithmetical progression how many pieces of gold it comes to; and even after all this, thy avarice hath brought thee back again through the first gate.

Greeting him with a kindly smile, she would take a seat beside him in one of the cosy corners of her drawing-room and would usually start her conversation by complaining to him of everybody: "You wouldn't believe how glad I am to see you!" Bending like a cat, she would gaze into his eyes with her dark glance, in which something avidious would now flash up.