And here is the elixir which I have brought with me, so that their joy may equal ours. And she held out the flask to the Bassa, who had it closed in his presence. Zambac was filled with joy at the sight of Zelida, and embraced her with delight. Then she led the way into the garden, and invited all her friends to seat themselves under the thick overhanging branches of a splendid jessamine tree.

Zambac ordered her women to give them all the attention possible, and desired they should be carried into her own rooms.

At one end of a large, brilliantly-lighted room a lady of about thirty-five years old reclined on a couch, still beautiful in spite of the sad expression of her face. 'Incomparable Zambac, said the Bassa, going up to her, 'give me your thanks, for here is the lost son for whom you have shed so many tears, but before his mother could clasp him in her arms Neangir had flung himself at her feet.

'Blessed be the Prophet, said the Bassa, 'who has restored one of my sons to me, at the time I least expected it! You know, he continued, addressing the Cadi, 'that during the first years of my marriage I had three sons by the beautiful Zambac.

'His right hand has become black as ebony from touching the fat of an impure animal, and will remain so till the last of its race is drowned in the sea. 'Alas! sighed the unfortunate youth. 'It now comes back to my memory. One day the slave of Zambac was making a cake.

'Let the whole house rejoice with me, continued the Bassa, 'and let my two sons Ibrahim and Hassan be told, that they may embrace their brother. 'Alas! my lord! said Zambac, 'do you forget that this is the hour when Hassan weeps on his hand, and Ibrahim gathers up his coral beads? 'Let the command of the Prophet be obeyed, replied the Bassa; 'then we will wait till the evening.