He felt again more carefully. "Most 'xtraor'nary!" he muttered. "Fren's," said he, still feeling at the man's head, "this person has the most extraor'nary bump of 'quisitiveness. Never felt one like it, 'xcept on th' cranium of a very celebrated thief an' robber. His bump of benev'lence 's a reg'lar hole. Bump of truthfulness don' somehow seem to be there at all.

"If it had know'd you was a murderin' pirate," retorted the jailer, "it would ha' thought twice before it would ha' chose you for a comrade." "Come, now," said Bumpus, in a remonstrative tone, "you don't really b'lieve I'm a pirate, do you?" "In coorse I do." "Well, now, that's xtraor'nary. Does everybody else think that too?" "Everybody." "An' am I really goin' to be hanged?"

Bounce paused abruptly, for at that moment his eye fell on the "'xtraor'nary feller" in question. He was seated quietly on a large stone, not many yards distant, with book on knee and pencil in hand, making a rapid sketch of the party and the surrounding scene! "Wot is he?" inquired Bounce of Gibault in a whisper.

The circumference of the thickest part of the fore leg was 2 feet, and the length of each of its claws was 4 and a quarter inches. It was whitey-brown in colour, and a shaggier, fiercer, uglier monster could not well be imagined. "But, I say," cried Bounce, looking round suddenly, "wot's come o' yon 'xtraor'nary feller as "