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The antiquated view of Du Bois-Reymond that human consciousness is an unsoluble "world-riddle," a transcendent phenomenon in essential antithesis to all other natural phenomena continues to be upheld in numerous writings.

God himself is worshipped under a human phase; and it is here that Christianity, the flower of all Faith, furnishes the highest answer and realization of this world-riddle of the Sphinx, here that it rests its eternal Truth, even as here it secures its unfailing appeal to the human heart! The process by which any nature is realized is the process by which it is humanized.

For attraction and repulsion, the transference of motion, and the combination of motion according to the law of the parallelogram of forcesall this is merely description of processes whose inner causes we do not understand, which appear simple, and are so, but are nevertheless not self-evident or to be taken as a matter of course; they are not in themselves intelligible, but form an absoluteworld-riddle.” From the very root of things there gazes at us the same Sphinx which we had apparently driven from the foreground.

The world-riddle of pathology the past twenty years has been: Is cancer due to the invasion of a parasite, a veritable microscopic crab, or is it due to alterations in the communal relations, or, to speak metaphorically, the allegiance of the cells?

The "exact" Berlin physiologist shut this knowledge out from his mind, and, with a short-sightedness almost inconceivable, placed this special neurological question alongside of the one great "world-riddle," the fundamental question of substance, the general question of the connection between matter and energy.