Mars is fetia ura, the red star; the Pleiades are Matarii, the little eyes; and the Southern Cross, Tauha, Fetia ave are the comets, the "stars with a tail," and the meteors pao, opurei, patau, and pitau. The moon was gone, but the stars needed no help, for they shone as if the trump of doom were due at dawn, and they should be no more.

How is it that ur, a Gaelic word for fire, is so like ura the Basque word for water, and Ure the name of an English stream? How is it that Nereus, the name of an ancient Greek water god, and Nar, the Arabic word for fire, are so very like Ner, the Welsh word for the Creator? How is it that a certain Scottish river bears the name of the wife of Oceanus, for what is Teith but Teithys?

Towards dusk we made the light of Nabae Sinaon Yo Sina, and, steering past it, had to take several sharp and awkward turns, to avoid two reefs off Siyako and Usi Suria. Thus we threaded the St. Vincent's Channel, and, avoiding the Conqueror bank by another sharp turn, dropped anchor at Imo Ura, in Hurusima, precisely at 8.30 p.m.

"In Japan it would be better to be born without hands and feet than to be born without relatives." Hono-bono to Akashi no ura no Asa-giri ni Shima-kakure-yuku Fune wo shi zo omou. My thoughts are with a boat Which travels island-hid In the morning-mist Of the shore of Akashi Dim, dim! After Hongkong, they let the zone of eternal summer behind them.