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I see it clearly, can't you? But now, if some more men would spling, they would be taught 'Ah, but no more men will spling, you see ! 'There is no telling. I sometimes feel as if they must, and shall. The tlees blossom, the thunder lolls, the air makes me lun and leap, the glound is full of lichness, and I hear the voice of the Lord God walking all among the tlees of the folests.

Las spling me hiyu sclub, hiyu wash, hiyu sweep undeh bed. All light now." "All right for man; no good for woman," Casey explained. "Two lady come stop, Feng." "Ho!" said Feng, adjusting his mind to a new situation. "You and Tom mally him?" "No," Casey responded. "One married already. Ladies all same my friends, Feng." "No good." Feng announced with certainty. "Woman fliend no good.

If there should spling up more men now, having the whole wisdom, science, and expelience of the past at their hand, and they made an allangement among themselves that the first man who tlied to take more than he could work for should be killed, and sent to dleam a nonsense-dleam, the question could never again alise! 'It arose before it would arise again. 'But no!

The vices and climes must have begun with those who lacked things, and then the others, always seeing vices and climes alound them, began to do them, too as when one rotten olive is in a bottle, the whole mass soon becomes collupted: but originally they were not rotten, but only became so. And all though a little carelessness at the first. I am sure that if more men could spling now