White shapes 'mid the purple wreaths glancing, Like the banners of hosts at strife; But I knew they were silvery pennons Of boats on the River of Life. And I watched, as the, mist cleared upward, Half hoping, yet fearing to see On that rapid and rock-sown River, What the fate of the boats might be.

Pursuing cavalry and pursued enemy faded out of our sight; abruptly we realised that it was night. A mob of unassorted soldiers stood on the rock-sown, man-sown hillside, victorious and helpless. Out of every quarter of the blackness leaped rough voices. "G Company!" "Devons here!" "Imperial Light Horse?" "Over here!" "Over where?" Then a trip and a heavy stumble and an oath. "Doctor wanted 'ere!

The thirsty, rock-sown descent continued, bringing us at last with aching thighs to the level of the vast valley, more than four thousand feet below the lodging-places of the few days past. Suaza mounted his horse and prepared to enter his native La Paz in style.

It is good to think that three of us friends have the very same sort of feeling Leonard Reeve for the crowds and the fogs and the odors; my cousin for the rock-sown plains and the little circles of thatched huts; I for the cornlands and the elm-shaded ridges and the cottage people. Yes, to Leonard anything grimy is just as romantic as green fields to me, or brown veld to my cousin.