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Many of Alan's best sermons were written after he had come home, rapt-eyed, from some long shore tramp where the wilderness had opened its heart to him and the pines had called to him in their soft, sibilant speech. With a half guilty glance at the futile sermon, he took his hat and went out.

From this came the metallic clink. "Oo, I know what dem is!" cried Lee, breaking the silence of suspense. Then Jean, tearing open a long flat parcel, spread before the mute, rapt-eyed youngsters such magnificent things, as they had never dreamed of picture books, mouth-harps, dolls, a toy gun and a toy pistol, a wonderful whistle and a fox horn, and last of all a box of candy.

"I don't believe that," Gusterson protested while glaring at the hunchbacks around them. The slidewalk was gliding down a low glow-ceiling tunnel lined with doors and advertisements. Rapt-eyed people were pirouetting on and off. "A thing just can't develop that fast, Fay. It's against nature." "Ha, but we're not in nature, we're in culture.

It was a teapot of some fine, glistening purple ware, coiled over by golden dragons with gilded claws and scales. The lid looked like a beautiful golden flower and the handle was a coil of a dragon's tail. Rachel sat and looked at it rapt-eyed. "That's the only thing of any value I have in the world now," he said. Rachel knew there was something very sad in his eyes and voice.

A butterball's bosom was no more impervious to slough water than the rapt-eyed youth to the older man's irony. "When I opened his parcel I found it held mortar and stone and some steel cuttings." "And this led you to infer?" "This led me to follow him. He had a basement, I found, directly in the rear of a bank building." "What bank building?" "That's my story."