Besides this, the temple there that was built in honor of Claudius, as an altar of eternall rule and gouernment, was serued with préests, the which vnder colour of religion did spoile, consume and deuoure the goods of all men. Moreouer, such strange sights and woonders as chanced about the same time, pricked the Britains the rather forward.

1 Amongst other things there concluded, it was ordeined, that children shuld be brought to the church, there to receiue baptisme in faire water, with thrée dippings into the same, in the name of the father, the sonne, and the Holie-ghost, and that by the préests hands, except in case where danger of death was feared, which then might be doone by any other person, and in any other place.

A tried ta hit 'em all baith gert an lile." There was a pause, then he added placidly: "A likely suden't suit them varra weel. Theer was a mon beside me, as pooed me down afoor a'd hofe doon." "Tha sudna taak o' 'paid preests, Daffady," said Mrs. Mason severely. "Tha doosna understand nowt o' thattens."

The marriage was celebrated at Newborough on the second daie of Nouember, by the authoritie of two legats of the apostolike sée, Henrie bishop of Pisa, and William bishop of Pauia, both preests and cardinals. Paruus. Paris. Matth.

But now to leaue preests, we will passe to other matters. About this time, the sea rose on such a heigth, that manie men were drowned thereby.

The old cowman sat hunched over the fire, smoking his pipe for a time in beatific silence. But presently Laura, as she went to and fro, caught snatches of conversation. "Did tha go ta Laysgill last Sunday?" said Mrs. Mason abruptly. Daffady removed his pipe. "Aye, a went, an a preeched. It wor a varra stirrin meetin. Sum o' yor paid preests sud ha' bin theer. A gien it 'em strang.