The Mussulman and the cavalry officer were chaffing the Philosopher and poking fun at the phrase-mongers, hair-splitters, and other wasters of time.

If we glance at the financial history of France during the Franco-Prussian War and the Communist struggle, in which a far more serious pressure was brought upon French finances than our own recent Civil War put upon American finance, and yet with no national stagnation or distress, but with a steady progress in prosperity, we shall see still more clearly the advantage of meeting a financial crisis in an honest and straightforward way, and by methods sanctioned by the world's most costly experience, rather than by yielding to dreamers, theorists, phrase-mongers, declaimers, schemers, speculators or to that sort of, "Reform" which is "the last refuge of a scoundrel."

After these declaimers and phrase-mongers had thus disappeared there came to power, in October, 1795, a new government, mainly a survival of the more scoundrelly, the Directory. It found the country utterly impoverished and its only resource at first was to print more paper and to issue even while wet from the press.

Such were the results of allowing dreamers, schemers, phrase-mongers, declaimers and strong men subservient to these to control a government. The first new expedient of the Directory was to secure a forced loan of six hundred million francs from the wealthier classes; but this was found fruitless.

Better leave phrase-making to us phrase-mongers." Her voice rang true true, and compassionate, and tender, and all that a woman's voice should be. Billy could not but trust her. "I've been an ass," said he, rather tragically. "Oh, not an unusual ass, Kathleen just the sort men are always making of themselves. You see, before I went to France, there was a girl I cared for.

Instead of setting a military commission to find out if this valorous little soldier could win victories, they set a company of holy hair-splitters and phrase-mongers to work to find out if the soldier was sound in her piety and had no doctrinal leaks.