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But it is usually replaced at an early age by the hovendish revulsion. Individuals lacking in this basic environmental response " "I'm not absolutely sure I know what you're talking about," Caswell confessed. "Please, sir! We must establish one thing at once. You are the patient. I am the mechanotherapist. You have brought your troubles to me for treatment.

But you cannot expect help unless you cooperate." "All right," Caswell said. "I'll try." Up to now, he had been bathed in a warm glow of superiority. Everything the machine said had seemed mildly humorous. As a matter of fact, he had felt capable of pointing out a few things wrong with the mechanotherapist.

He scratched his shoulder and put the headband at a more comfortable angle. Still nothing. His thoughts began to wander. Magnessen! You noisy, overbearing oaf, you disgusting "Good afternoon," a voice murmured in his head. "I am your mechanotherapist." Caswell twitched guiltily. "Hello. I was just you know, just sort of " "Of course," the machine said soothingly. "Don't we all?

Now that sense of well-being evaporated, as it always did, and Caswell was alone, terribly alone and lost, a creature of his compulsions, in search of a little peace and contentment. He would undergo anything to find them. Sternly he reminded himself that he had no right to comment on the mechanotherapist. These machines knew what they were doing and had been doing it for a long time.