For in those daies the man was glad to be rid of them, if he could but get the lining untorn or indamaged; for he saw perfectly that the World was at that time so full of those pretty Beldams, that there was begun a most bloody War between the better sort of Gentlewomen, and the meaner degree of Women, for the gaining of the Breeches, wherein Ketels and Pans, Tongs and Fireshovels, Spinning-wheels, Brooms and Maps were all beaten out of fashion.

Of this you have here a pattern from our late married, for whom the longest Summer daies and Winter nights fall too short to satisfy their affections; they hardly know how to find out time that they may bestow some few hours in taking care for the ordring and setting all things in a decent posture in their new made Shop; imagining that they shall alwaies live thus, Salamander-like in the fire, without being ever indamaged by it.

And be it further enacted and declared, That no Man's Land shall be taken away: No Man's Honor or good Name shall be stained: No Man's Person shall be arrested, restrained, banished, dismembered, nor any Ways punished: No Man shall be deprived of his Wife or Children; No Man's Goods or Estate shall be taken away from him nor any Ways indamaged under the Color of Law, or Countenance of Authority; unless clearly warranted by the Laws of this State.