Buffalo, Italian, mode of fighting of the. Buffon, on the number of species of man. Bufo sikimmensis. Bugs. Buist, R., on the proportion of the sexes in salmon; on the pugnacity of the male salmon. Bulbul, pugnacity of the male; display of under tail-coverts by the male. Bull, mode of fighting of the; curled frontal hair of the. Buller, Dr., on the Huia; the attachment of birds.

"They began their disorders by running round the Holy Sepulchre with all their might and swiftness, crying out as they went huia, which signifies this is he, or this is it, an expression by which they assert the verity of the Christian religion.

Differences of structure between the two sexes in relation to different habits of life are generally confined to the lower animals; but with some few birds the beak of the male differs from that of the female. In the Huia of New Zealand the difference is wonderfully great, and we hear from Dr.

Huc, on Chinese opinions of the appearance of Europeans. Huia, the, of New Zealand. Human, man, classed alone in a kingdom. Human sacrifices. Humanity, unknown among some savages; deficiency of, among savages.

Macuelachic aya maoc ixquich cahuitl niquin notlanehui in chalchiuhtini in maquiztini in tepilhuan aya; zan nicxochimalina in tecpillotl huia: zan ca nican nocuic ica ya nocon ilacatzohua a in huehuetitlan a ohuaya ohuaya.