"& I," sed a fat chunky femaile, who must hev wade more than too hundred lbs, "I will be your sweet gidin Star!" Sez I, "Ile bet two dollers and a half you won't!" "Wiltist thou not tarry here in the promist Land?" sed several of the miserabil critters. "Ile see you all essenshally cussed be4 I wiltist!" roared I, as mad as I cood be at thare infernul noncents.

Becum a Preest & hav wives Sealed to you." "Not a Seal!" sez I, startin back in horror at the idee. "Oh stay, Sir, stay," sed a tell, gawnt femaile, ore whoos hed 37 summirs must hev parsd, "stay, & I'll be your Jentle Gazelle." "Not ef I know it, you won't," sez I. "Awa you skanderlus femaile, awa! Go & be a Nunnery!"

Old man Townsin's Fort was to maik Sassyperiller. "Goy to the world! anuther life saived!" Cyrus Field's Fort is to lay a sub-machine tellegraf under the boundin billers of the Oshun, and then hev it Bust. Spaldin's Fort is to maik Prepared Gloo, which mends everything. Wonder ef it will mend a sinner's wickid waze? Zoary's Fort is to be a femaile circus feller.

"Yes," hollered a lot of femaile Mormonesses, ceasin me by the cote tales & swingin me round very rapid, "we're all goin in free! So sez the Revelashun!" "What's Old Revelashun got to do with my show?" sez I, gittin putty rily.