But are these words of faith? or do the scriptures only help you to seeming imports, and me-hap-soes for your practice? No, nor yet to them neither, for I dare boldly affirm it, and demand, if you can, to prove, that there is so much as a seeming import in all the word of God, that countenanceth your shutting men, better than ourselves, from the things and privileges of our Father's house.

Rightly are these two put together, for it is not possible that he should be an upright man that indulgeth or countenanceth his constitution-sin; but on the contrary, he that keeps himself from that will be upright as to all the rest; and the reason is, because if a man has grace to trample upon and mortify his darling, his bosom, his only sin, he will more easily and more heartily abhor and fly the rest.

Pray, professors! The parable of the net that was cast into the sea, that also countenanceth this truth. The substance of that parable is to show that souls may be gathered by the gospel there compared to a net may be kept in that net, drawn to shore, to the world's end, by that net, and yet may then prove bad fishes, and be cast away.

God has rebuked him in the text, and you may see it also elsewhere. This shows us also that we should take heed of crediting of that which comes unto us to hinder our hope in the Lord; lest we take part with Satan, while God rebuketh him, and countenanceth that which fights against the grace of God in us. 3.

The magistrate hath power in his hand to hinder both doctrine and discipline, if he be an adversary, though it be the will of Christ that there be both doctrine and discipline, and the authority of both is from Christ. When the magistrate assisteth or countenanceth, or so much as doth not hinder the preaching of the gospel, then he gives leave to it.

In that you make it an example to you to admit persons unprepared to the Lord's supper. Ans. May you indeed receive persons into the church unprepared for the Lord's supper; yea, unprepared for that, with other solemn appointments? For so you word it. O what an engine have you made of water baptism. I would have thee consult the place, and see if it countenanceth such an act.