'Now, boys, I'm for my bed, said Amos, shaking the dottle from his pipe. 'Mr Tombs, I'll conduct ye the morn over the Brigend works, but I've had enough clavers for one evening. I'm a man that wants his eight hours' sleep. The old fellow saw them to the door, and came back to me with the ghost of a grin in his face. 'A queer crowd, Mr Brand! Macnab didna like what ye said.

He had to be convinced if possible, convicted in any case overborne. To accomplish this Mary Lyon would put forth all her powers, in spite of her husband's smiles or perhaps a good deal because of them. Upon her excellent authority, he was stated to be the most irritating man betwixt the Brigend of Dumfries and the Braes of Glenap.

They were laid by his own masons. The earth out of the cellarage was tipped into the nearest burn or over the cliffs into the sea. There was hardly a farm lad from the Braes of Glenap to the Brigend of Dumfries who was not protected by his landlord from his Majesty's press.

If it had occurred to any of the burghal authorities, it had only provoked the reflection that Jock would most likely be discussing a pint or two at Lucky Forgan's down by the Brigend, and that presently he would be perambulating the streets of the royal borough, his halbert over his shoulder, and intoning his song "Twal' o'clock on the strike, And a fine fresh nicht."