It is meant to portray the heroic devotion, the undaunted courage of Prometheus the friend of man, the assuager of his sufferings, the aider of his enterprises who was chained to a rock, exposed to the burning heats of summer, the shivering frosts of winter, by Jupiter, for having stolen fire the parent of art, the spring of enterprise, the source of improvement from heaven, to give it to the human race.

In the famine, the pestilence, and the battle, the divine voice was the assuager of terror and the inspirer of hope. All the instincts of our frailer nature, ever yearning for some support that is not of the world, were enlisted in behalf of a superstition which proffered solutions to doubt, and remedies to distress.

Although the necessary affairs of life are, after all, the great assuager of sorrow, yet there are also cases where the heart persists in rejecting the consolation brought by time, and in clinging to the memory of that which it loved. Neither Honor O'Donovan nor Una O'Brien could forget our unhappy hero, nor school their affections into the apathy of ordinary feelings.

Catty set them on the table with a sort of crash and ran out of the room, crying. Mamma's mouth quivered. Papa looked at the cakes; he looked at Mamma; he looked at Mark. Mark was staring at nothing with a firm grin on his face. "The assuagers of grief," Papa said. "Pass round the assuagers." The holy cakes were passed round. Everybody took a piece except Dan. Papa pressed him. "Try an assuager.