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Rising at 5h., I observed a drooping in the leaves of my garden, and especially of the larger shrubs and plants, for which I was not wholly unprepared, but which might entail some inconvenience if, failing altogether, they should cease to absorb the gases generated from buried waste, to consume which they had been planted.

Let us take another instance. There is a high tide at 3.40 P.M. on the 25th August, and again the infallible Nautical Almanac tells us that the moon crossed the meridian at 5h. 44m., that is, at 2h. 4m. after the high water. In the first case the moon followed the tide in about an hour, and in the second case the moon followed in about two hours.

I forced myself, therefore, to sup and to slumber, resorting for the first time in many years to the stimulus of brandy for the one purpose, and to the aid of authypnotism for the other. When I woke it was 8h. by my chronometer, and, as I inferred, about 5h. after midnight of the Martial meridian on which I lay.

This is an excellent contrivance for sweetening water at sea, and is well known in the navy. Mr Wales, from whom I had the latitude and longitude, found the variation of the needle to be14' 12" E., and the dip of its south end 45° 2' 3/4. He also observed the time of high water, on the full and change days, to be about 5h 45m; and the tide to rise and fall three feet.

As the thiosulphate in crystalline form has the formula Na S O .5H O, this weight is 248.12 grams. Tenth-normal or hundredth-normal solutions are generally used. !Approximate Strength, 0.1 N! PROCEDURE. Weigh out on the rough balances 13 grams of commercial iodine. Place it in a mortar with 18 grams of potassium iodide and triturate with small portions of water until all is dissolved.

A.M., and the lower meridian at 4h 6m. P.M. Adding an hour and a half to each would give the high tides at 5h 9m. A.M. and 5h. 36m. P.M.; as a matter of fact, they are 4h. 58m. A.M. and 5h. 20m. But these illustrations are sufficient. We find that at London, in a general way, high water appears at London Bridge about an hour and a half after the moon has passed the meridian of London.