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"The Perennial Hemp grows to the height of from four to six feet. "The root inclines horizontally with numerous fleshy fibres at the extremity. "The buds many, and resembling the buds of the Lily of the Valley. "It is the Urtica canadensis of Kalm, one of which was brought over and planted by the side of this plant, and we could not find any difference." LAPSANA communis.

The species is the same as the Virginian, and, were the quantity increased and people more expert in the method of curing it, a manufacture and trade of considerable importance might be established. The kaluwi is a species of urtica or nettle of which excellent twine called pulas is made. It grows to the height of about four feet, has a stem imperfectly ligneous, without branches.

URTICA canadensis. CANADIAN HEMP NETTLE. During the late war, when, from unfortunate circumstances and misunderstandings amongst the potentates of Europe, the commercial intercourse was checked, great speculations were made among the people to discover substitutes for such articles as were of certain demand; and one of the principal was of course the article Hemp, which, although it can be partially cultivated in this country, is a plant of that nature that we should find the article at a most enormous price were we dependent on our own supply alone.

MEADOW-CLOVER. The inhabitants of Scania employ the heads to dye their woollen cloth green. URTICA dioica. NETTLE. The roots of bettles are used to dye eggs of a yellow colour against the feast of Easter by the religious of the Greek church, as are also madder and logwood for the same purpose. XANTHIUM strumarium. LESSER BURBOCK. The whole herb with the fruit dyes a most beautiful yellow.

Diaetetica, p. 64. SPEEDWELL. Veronica spicata. This is used by our common people as a substitute for tea, and is said to possess a somewhat astringent taste, like green tea. SPOTTED HAWKWEED. Hypochaeris maculata. The leaves are eaten as salad, and are also boiled. STINGING-NETTLE. Urtica dioica.