Occasionally a tree will be found big and suitable enough to yield a single strip from which a seamless twenty-footer can be built. But this is very rare. The next thing is the frame the gunwale, ribs, and cross-bars. Where many canoes are building there is generally some sort of model round which the ribs are bent.

"Anyhow, a knockabout is more fun a twenty-footer," the girl continued, her gaze still fixed on the haven which the indentations of the coast afforded, along which at intervals groups of yachts, large and small, floated at their moorings picturesque as sea-gulls on a feeding-ground. "There is an old rowboat in the barn.

Ned Stillson, over in Ames Hall, lost six dollars and a small gold-handled penknife that a maiden aunt had given him; Fred Harper reported the disappearance of a silver trophy of which he was inordinately proud, a graceful little model of a sailing boat which he and his brother had won during a season of boat racing with their twenty-footer.

I have sailed the seas in ocean greyhounds and in floating palaces and in steam yachts, but better than any other I love to dwell on the memories of that summer, cruising the Labrador in a twenty-footer. That year I was late returning South. Progress is slow in the fall of the year along the Labrador in a boat of that capacity.