Leaving my hospitable entertainers at Csik Szent Marton, I went on to Csik Szereda, where I was kindly taken in by the postmaster. In this case I was provided with a letter; but a stranger would naturally go to the postmaster or the clergyman to ask for a night's lodging.

This, or words like it, were said to me many times, and always the name of Palmerston came to the fore. "He cordially hated the Austrians." What better ground of sympathy? Ride to Szent Domokos Difficulty about quarters Interesting host Jewish question in Hungary Taxation Financial matters. From Szereda I went to Szent Domokos. It was a long ride, and I was again nearly benighted.

In the southern parts, as near Csik Szereda, the trachyte encloses large masses, sometimes forming even small hillocks, of that variety of which millstones are made, having quartz crystals disseminated through it, and in general indurated by silicious matter in so fine a state of division that the parts are nearly invisible.

Fine scenery in Szeklerland Csik Szent Marton Absence of inns The Szekler's love of lawsuits Csik Szereda Hospitality along the, road Wallack atrocities in 1848 The Wallacks not Panslavists. The charming scenery of the Szeklerland, and the kindly hospitality of the people, induced me to linger on.

It was too much. I entered the last house of that straggling village with a stern resolve that not even new-born twins should bar my claim to hospitality! I found the postmaster at Csik Szereda a very intelligent man, with a fund of anecdotes and recollections, which generally centred in the troubles of '48. As I mentioned before, the Szeklers rose en masse against the Austrians.