I was wounded in the course of that siege, taken prisoner, and brought into the city, and being recognised for a Saxon born and bred, I was allowed to return to my trade. I am just about to become a master carpenter, and have already applied to be enrolled among the citizens. 'Your name? 'John Hillner of Struppen, near Pirna. Might I entreat your worship's gracious influence on my behalf?

Polish Majesty's Head-quarters are at Struppen, well in the centre of the Saxon lines; "goes always to the Konigstein to sleep." Polish Majesty's own table is, by Friedrich's permission for that special object, supplied AD LIBITUM: but the common men were at once put on short allowance, which grows always the shorter.

Kettle-drums, standards and the like insignia and matters of honor, carry these to the Konigstein, with my regretful respects to his Polish Majesty. Konigstein to be a neutral Fortress during this War. That is, in sum, the Capitulation of Struppen.

Winterfeld, Prussian Commander hereabouts, grants Armistice, grants liberal "wagon-loads of bread" first of all; terms of Capitulation to be settled at Struppen to-morrow. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15th, Rutowski goes across to Struppen, the late Saxon head-quarter, now Friedrich's; Friday gone a fortnight was the day of Lobositz.

Here is another Clipping: ... "Polish Majesty passes the day at Struppen, amid many vain noises of Soldiering, of Diplomatizing; the night always at Konigstein, and finally both day and night, quite luxuriously accommodated, Bruhl and he, to the very end of this Affair. At the Prussian lines, he is informed, 'Yes, you can go; but, without our King's Order, you cannot return. 'What?

This day Friedrich, hearing what is afoot, has returned in person from the Lobositz Country; takes Struppen as his head-quarter, which was lately the Polish Majesty's. From Browne there has nothing come this Wednesday; but to-morrow morning at seven there comes a Letter from him, written this night at ten; to the effect: "HEAD-QUARTER, LICHTENHAYN, Wednesday, October 13th, 10 P.M.