In order to secure continuity of the center rail throughout the length of the track, and still provide for the removal of the collector at frequent intervals, the framework of the collector is so made that, by slackening the side-bolts, the steel plates can be drawn upward and the collector itself withdrawn sideways through the hand holes, one of the half-tubes being removed for the purpose.

Why, then, of course, I discharged Rudolph's gatekeeper, put a trusty of my own in his place, sent out to hire a diver, and turned all hands to hunting. 'Obviously, as Gilly would say. We picked up two side-bolts in the garden, by the wall, one in the mud outside, and three the diver got in shallow water. Total recovered, six; plus two Pêng had no time for, eight.

Rudolph scanned his meagre belongings, rummaged his dressing-table, opened a wardrobe. "Nothing," he answered. "A boat-coolie " But Heywood had darted to the rack of Mausers, knelt, and sprung up, raging. "Side-bolts! Man," he cried, in a voice that made Rudolph jump, "man, why didn't you stop him? The side-bolts, all but two. Young heathen, he's crippled us: one pair of rifles left."

But "Mars" Clayton's knees seemed glued to Pasha's shoulders. Next Pasha tried to shake him off by sudden leaps, side-bolts, and stiff-legged jumps. These manoeuvres brought vicious jerks on the wicked chain-bit that was cutting Pasha's tender mouth sorrily and more jabs from the little knives.