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Et ambulavit in fortisudine cibi illius usque ad Montem Oreb: that is to seyne, And he wente in strength of that mete, unto the hille of God, Oreb. And there nyghe is the vyne that Seynt John the Evaungeliste planted, that men elepen reisins, staphis. And a lytille aboven is the Chapelle of Moyses, and the roche where Moyses fleghe to, for drede, when he saughe oure Lord face to face.

the Head aggonzi the Browe hegueniascon the Eyes higata the Eares abontascon the Mouth esahe the Teeth esgongay the Tongue osnache the Throat agonhon the Beard hebelim the Face hegonascon the Haires aganiscon the Armes aiayascon the Flanckes aissonne the Stomacke aggruascon the Bellie eschehenda the Thighes hetnegradascon the Knees agochinegodascon the Legges agouguenehondo the Feete onchidascon the Hands aignoascon the Fingers agenoga the Nailes agedascon a Mans member ainoascon a womans member castaigne an Eele esgueny a Snaile vndeguezi a Tortois heuleuxima Woods conda leaues of Trees hoga God cudragny giue me some drink quazahoaquea giue me to breakfast quase hoa quascaboa giue me my supper quaza hoa quatfriam let vs goe to bed casigno agnydahoa a Man aguehum a woman agruaste a Boy addegesta a Wench agniaquesta a Child exiasta a Gowne cahata a Doublet caioza Hosen hemondoha Shooes atha a Shirt amgoua a Cappe castrua Corne osizi Bread carraconny Water ame Flesh quahottascon Reisins queion Damsons honnesta Figges absconda Grapes ozoba Nuttes quahoya a Hen sahomgahoa a Lamprey zisto a Salmon ondacon a Whale ainne honne a Goose sadeguenda a Streete adde Cucumber seede casconda to Morrowe achide the Heauen quenhia the Earth damga the Sunne ysmay the Moone assomaha the Starres stagnehoham the Winde cohoha good morrow aignag let vs go to play casigno caudy come and speak with me assigniquaddadia looke vpon me quagathoma hold your peace aista let vs go with the boat casigno casnouy giue me a knife buazahca agoheda a Hatchet adogne a Bow ahenca a Darte quaetan let vs goe a hunting Casigno donnascat a Stagge aionnesta a Sheepe asquenondo a Hare Sourhanda a Dogge agaya a Towne canada the Sea agogasy the waues of the sea coda an Island cohena an Hill agacha the yce honnesca Snow camsa Colde athau Hotte odazani Fier azista Smoke quea a House canoca Beanes sahe Cinnamom adhotathny my Father addathy my Mother adanahoe my Brother addagrim my Sister adhoasseue