The prudent and wise Masters Caspar Nuetzel, Lazarus Spengler, and Albrecht Duerer, for the time being at Augsburg, our gracious Masters and good friends. Jesus. As a friendly greeting, prudent, wise, gracious Masters and especially good friends, cousins, and wellwishers, I desire every good thing for you, from the Highest Good.

Besides Spengler, there were "Christopher Kress, a soldier, a traveller, and a town councillor;" and Caspar Nuetzel, of one of the oldest families, and Captain-general of the town bands. Both of these went with Duerer to the Diet at Augsburg in 1518. One of them is supposed to figure as St. George in the All Saints picture.

He accompanied Caspar Nuetzel and Lazarus Spengler, the representatives of Nuremberg, to the Diet of Augsburg, and there made some drawings of his royal patron, on one of which is written, "This is my dear Prince Max, whom I, Albrecht Duerer, drew at Augsburg in his little room upstairs in the palace, in the year 1518, on the Monday after St. John the Baptist's day." Braun, Clement & Co. Dornach.

At Nuremberg the preacher Wenzel Link soon formed a little reformed congregation, to which Duerer, Pirkheimer, Spengler, Nuetzel, Scheurl, Ebner, Holzschurher, and others belonged.

These six borders I sent to the wives of Caspar Nuetzel, Hans Imhof, Straeub, the two Spenglers, and Loeffelholz, and to each a good pair of gloves. To Pirkheimer I sent a large cap, a costly inkstand of buffalo horn, a silver Emperor, one pound of pistachios, and three sugar canes. To Caspar Nuetzel I sent a great elk's foot, ten large fir cones, and cones of the stone-pine.