As I put the watch close to the ear of one of them, "Tick, tick, ticks woh, woh, woh" everybody must hear it; and then the works had to be seen. "Oh, fearful!" said one, "hide your faces: it is the Lubari. Shut it up, Bana, shut it up; we have seen enough; but you will come again and bring us beads." So ended the day's work. 6th. To-day I sent Bombay to the palace for food.

We did not give him anything this time, but, instead, dunned him for the paint-box, and afterwards took a walk to my observatory hill, where I acted as guide. On the summit of this hill the king instructed his brothers on the extent of his dominions; and as I asked where Lubari or God resides, he pointed to the skies. 30th.

"My watch, too, was an unfailing attraction: 'There's a man in it, 'It is Lubari; it is witch-craft, they would cry. He talks; he says, Teek, teek, teek, My nose they would compare to a spear; it struck them as so sharp and thin compared to the African production, and ofttimes one bolder than the rest would give my hair and my beard a sharp pull, imagining them to be wigs worn for ornament.

Then began a warm and complimentary conversation, which ended by an inspection of my rings and al the contents of my pockets, as well as of my watch, which she called Lubari a term equivalent to a place of worship, the object of worship itself, or the iron horn or magic pan.