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"Dass Hervorbringen selbst ein Vergnügen und sein eigner Lohn ist." The Eighth Symphony which was brought out at the same time as the Seventh is the shortest by a few bars, of the nine. It was completed in about four months from the date of its inception.

Solches durch seine subtilne Kunst hat gethan, Und des Teufels Lohn empfangen davon. 1525." On neither of the two pictures does Mephistopheles appear, unless he is meant to be represented in the shape of the black dog. It is not, however, Goethe's poodle that meets us here, but a sleek little creature with a collar around his neck, looking very much like a wooden toy-dog.

Kühn ist das Mühen, herrlich der Lohn! Published under the title "Confidences of a Psychical Researcher" in the American Magazine, October, 1909. For a more complete and less popular statement of some theories suggested in this article see the last pages of a "Report on Mrs. Soc. for Psychical Research for the same year. T. H. Huxley, "Life and Letters," I, 240.

We rode together towards the front, and as we rode our talk fell on Goethe and on Faust, and of all passages the soldiers' song came up to my lips, the song of soldiers of fortune, not the chant of men whose business it was to defend their country. Two lines, however, were significant: Kühn ist das Mühen, Herrlich der Lohn. We reached the front.

He was close-muffled in a wide mantle; which without farther parley unfolding, he deposited therefrom what seemed some Basket, overhung with green Persian silk; saying only: Ihr lieben Leute, hier bringe ein unschatzbares Verleihen; nehmt es in aller Acht, sorgfaltigst benutzt es: mit hohem Lohn, oder wohl mit schweren Zinsen, wird's einst zuruckgefordert.