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I will let passe his other actions, for all of them were alike, and all of them prov'd lucky to him; and the brevity of his life never sufferd him to feele the contrary: for had he litt upon such times afterwards, that it had been necessary for him to proceed with respects, there had been his utter ruine; for he would never have left those wayes, to which he had been naturally inclind.

But doe you know the Castle Belonging to Modesbargens Aunt or Cosen, Which 'tis I know not? Cap. Very well, my Lord; A pleasant Cuntry 'tis, and yeilds good hunting. Bred. And that's a sport Modesbargen from his youth Was much inclind to. Or. Wee'll make use of it. It is of waight that you must undertake, And does require your secrecie and care. Cap. In both I wilbe faithfull. Or.

"For publique good, when care had cloid his minde, The only joye, for to repose his sprights, Was musique sweet, which showd him well inclind; For he doth in musique much delight, A conscience hath disposed to do most right: The reason is, her sound within our eare, A sympathie of heaven we thinke we heare."

This opinion hath gain'd the more credit in our dayes, by reason of the great alteration of things, which we have of late seen, and do every day see, beyond all humane conjecture: upon which, I sometimes thinking, am in some parte inclind to their opinion: neverthelesse not to extinguish quite our owne free will, I think it may be true, that Fortune is the mistrisse of one halfe of our actions; but yet that she lets us have rule of the other half, or little lesse.