"You are threatened, dear friend, by a very imminent danger. Do not sleep to-night at home, but secure yourself at Lord Hyndford's till you hear farther from me." He found me, after dinner, at the English ambassador's, and called me aside. I read the billet, was astonished at its contents, and showed it Lord Hyndford.

Hyndford's view of the family coach, which gave no traceable information. The following story, in which an appearance of the dead conveyed information not known to the seer, and so deserving to be called veracious, is a little ghastly. In 1867, Miss G., aged eighteen, died suddenly of cholera in St. Louis.

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James's rejects good advice from its Hyndford; the pity would be greater, were not the Business what it is! Podewils has the greatest difficulty to keep Friedrich quiet till Hyndford's courier get back. And on his getting back with such answer, "Present it all the same," Friedrich will not wait for that ceremony, or delay a moment longer.

What he did in the way of negotiation has escaped men's memory, as it could well afford to do. Of Hyndford's appurtenances for lodging we already had a glimpse, through Busching once; pointing towards solid dinner-comforts rather than arras hangings; and justifying the English genius in that respect.