The rabbis did not hesitate to perform the marriage ceremony for the diabolical pair. According to Jewish tradition the chief of the fallen angels married Lilith, Adam’s first wife. She is said to have been in her younger days a woman of great beauty, but with a heart of ice. Now, of course, she is a regular hell-hag.

She only stared and stared with her glittering, evil eyes, until the bishop his nerves not being under control with this constant persecution almost fancied that the powers of darkness had leagued themselves against him, and had sent this hell-hag to haunt and torment him.

"Is it for this that I have sold my soul to the Hell-hag?" she cried. "Is it for this that I have become a witch, and sunk so low as I sank last night to be scorned, to be hated, to be betrayed? Now Eric will go to Atli and tell this tale. Nay, there I will be beforehand with him, and with another story an ancient wile of women truly, but one that never yet has failed them, nor ever will.

"I looked up and noticed the woman maliciously smiling if it had been in the days of the inquisition, I would have sent her to the faggots, for she was a hell-hag. The child had fallen back in his cradle as if the effort of holding my attention had exhausted him. Then it struck me that there was something unholy about this affair, and I resolutely strode to the crib and seized the baby.

What! be had given himself up to a despicable old woman, he had slaked the thirst of that ghoul with his generous blood, he had abandoned to that hell-hag the promises of his young body and his virgin soul, while a young girl whose like he had never seen but in fairy tales and dreams, came to him and seemed to say to him: "You may love me."